All the gilt-gloss 5512 dials from this year are of the 4 line configuration with the first two lines in gilt text and the second 2 lines in silver. The most common dial for the 5512 during this time continues to be the example featuring the “classic” coronet with its broad base at the bottom. It’s interesting to note however, that there was a dial produced for the 5512 at the very end of the production of gilt-gloss dials known as the “Bart” dial (second photo below). This example is so named because the coronet, oddly enough, resembles the outline of Bart Simpson’s head.

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The bottom of the dial continues to bear the “SWISS T<25” text indicating the use of tritium on the hour markers.

The movement used in these later 5512s is typically the 1560; however, the newer 1570 calibre movement is seen in some of the examples from this year also.

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