During this period collectors can still find both 2 and 4 line versions of the 5512. The MK1 dials with their characteristic coronet seen during this period typically come in two configurations, a 2 line silver and a 4 line silver. In the 2 line version both the depth rating and “SUBMARINER” are in silver, and in the 4 line version the SCOC text is in silver as well.

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In addition to the dials with the MK1 coronet, three more versions with different coronets were introduced during 1961 and 1962. The first dial with its coronet pictured here with longer spikes (first picture below), the second with its coronet somewhat more round at the bottom with shorter spikes(second picture below), and the third characteristically called the “tulip” coronet (third picture below). On these dials the 2 line configuration typically has both lines of text in gold and the 4 line versions have the additional two lines of SCOC text in silver. 

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It is very uncommon to see a gilt gloss Submariner dial with a connected minute track and an underline (picture below), but when these rare dials are found, the case back is often from the fourth quarter of 1962. The significance of the underline will be discussed later.

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A unique feature of many of the dials from this period is the “exclamation point” at the bottom of the dial, denoted by a small application of luminous under the 6 o’clock hour marker. The significance of this addition to the dial has been a hotly debated topic in the past. There is some thought that the “exclamation point” might be related to the switch to tritium but the evidence thus far is inconclusive.

As in the previous two years, the majority of the 2 line versions house the 1530 calibre movement while the majority of the 4 line contain the newer 1560 calibre movement.

The dials from this time period continue to display the connected minute track or chapter ring as well.

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